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Trazodone is used for treating depression.

Generic form of trazodone (Truvada) to treat HIV/AIDS. It's also used for depression, anxiety, pain, chronic fatigue syndrome and other things. In 2013, a trial found that for patients with multiple sclerosis, the drug increased ability to exercise, increase alertness levels and help with pain, depression fatigue. And just last month, an independent analysis of the first clinical trial its kind found the drug to be an essential part of those steps. "There was a strong evidence, but stronger than we saw with other drugs we've been using, that we could achieve some of the things we were expecting," explained Chris Brown, director of the HIV Clinical Trials Trusted online pharmacy for viagra Group at the University of California, Los Angeles, and co-author on the analysis. The Drug Industry Wants to Stop the Study In the 1990s, there was just one drug company looking at HIV/AIDS: Pfizer. And the drug it decided to use treat the virus at time -- a cocktail of three anti-retrovirals (ARVs) designed to treat three different strains Buy generic dutasteride online of the virus -- was a new one in the world of HIV/AIDS therapy. Now, Pfizer's new cost of trazodone 50 mg HIV drugs -- Gleevec and Zydelig are just one of dozens drugs available to treat HIV/AIDS. But Pfizer's chief executive, Andrew Witty, doesn't know how fast HIV could become an epidemic. As a result, he says, his company has spent a lot of its research and development budget -- a lot. Pfizer has devoted $8 billion in R&D dollars to HIV research over the past 10 years. But its own internal analysis of that research shows it didn't spend all of that money in finding a new treatment for HIV -- or to develop an alternative medication. Instead, Pfizer has spent the money on a research program called Pfizer AIDS (PAX) that sought to find a new and better ARV. The analysis found that it spent about $4 billion of its own money on PAX, which ultimately included $800 million to do two early-stage clinical trials, known as KEYNOTE-012 and KEYNOTE-013, that were intended to demonstrate the new regimen's effectiveness. But analyses also found that it spent trazodone brand or generic $400 million of its own money for clinical trials and education. Why? Because, the analysis found, most of research money it made went "to develop a new antibody drug target" that would, as Witty put it in a recent interview on The Oprah Winfrey Show, enable drug to work "better." In other words, the company wanted a drug that would kill HIV better. But the analysis found most of $4.5 billion it spent in HIV R&D went to do two studies that made an antibody drug even better. Drug Companies, of Course, Are Rivaled In the drug industry, this is nothing new. The market for ARV drugs is one that heavily competitive in there are about 20 companies involved. Trazodone 100mg $217.95 - $0.81 Per pill It's also highly concentrated, with a few giant firms dominating the market. companies have come to see each other largely through the lens of patent rights. rights protect their drug from competitors, and they know that each other makes a drug they want to be the one that makes a new HIV drug that will also be the one that makes money off each other. And that's exactly what happened with Truvada; neither Gilead Sciences nor Pfizer wanted a vaccine. That would have led them to invest significant capital in R&D for another drug that could fight HIV. So a vaccine would have become another R&D project. So they chose the other option. But the analysis raises some questions. For example, it found that in order for ARVs to be as effective currently believed.

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