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Anthony Jones  presiding in an Apostle calling  
Mark Chapter 16 vs 18
"They shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover"

Testimonal 1

After going for my annual colonoscopy,  I was told there was a lesion found (it was benign).  The doctor
just wanted to remove it.  The night before the surgery my husband Pastsor Jones prayed and laid hands on me.  He held  me in his arms and had a talk with the Lord about a healing.  He saw a vision, which showed  the operation in process.  The enemy tried  to tell him to let them operate on me and remove the leison, He told him  NO.  On the other side of this vision he  saw the healing of the Lord by Faith.  He said he decided to choose God to allow him to heal my body.  He asked God to dissolve the lesion.   He felt on the whole  right side of his body the healing virture of God leaving  his body and going into mine.  He heard the Lord  say   I'm  healing your wifes body.   The Lord spoke this twice.   The day of the scheduled surgery  Pastor Jones  told the doctor he can check but he would not find  anything. 

After  the procedure  the doctor came and  said you were right Pastor Jones  we  found NOTHING


Missionary Karen Jones
Farmington Hills, MI

Testimonial  2

A brother in Christ by the name of  Travis Hooks, was waiting to enter into the Armed Services.  While playing basket ball he injured  his knee.  He was  in  PAIN.  This injury would not allow him to  pass his physical.  While at bible study, Pastor Jones laid hands on his knee and prayed for him.  Within  a few  days Travis' knee  was healed.  

Thank God  for his healing power!

Romulus, picturres_093MI.



Testimonial 3

 My Aunt, Daisy Coleman, an Evangalist; while having a conversation with her on the phone, I  could tell she was sick.  I asked her if she was ill.  She said yes she was not feeling well.  Her sinuses were bothering her, she was having stomach pains and her feet were being invaded with arthritis.  She was in great discomfort.  She was going to the doctor.  I told her I wanted to pray for her before getting off the phone.  She said O.K.  I began to pray for her, the power of God began to fall MIGHTLY.   God touched her body.  She could breath, her stomach stopped hurting and she could walk.   She said she no longer needed to
see her doctor.  She lives about 1,700 miles away.

  God Healed her body,     What a Mighty God!

Clay County, Florida

Testimonial 4

A sister in Christ by the name of Keitha Johnson, was talking to me by phone.  She had a bad infection in her chest.  She was on her way to the emergency room.  I heard her coughing; we were talking, I told her she didn't sound well.  I told her I was going to pray for her, I did.  I commanded the infection  to leave her body.  She still was coughing.  The Lord said he was bringing it out of her.   While talking to her a few days later she wasn't coughing. Although she also lives about 1,500 miles away through the telephone the power of God still healed her.  The Lord brought it to my attention that she was not coughing.   I was telling her about different testomonies, then she spoke and said oh yea after the prayer  that day- 

  " God  healed me"

 Lakeland, Florida


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